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Joy RomeAlumnae in the Spotlight:  Joy Rome

When a good friend suggested that she accompany her on an Artista Creative painting safari, Joy Rome jumped at the chance. Having a background in art, but no formal training, Joy has always had a passion for color and form, but like many women, she had to put creativity on hold while modern life took charge. Deciding it was finally a good time to free herself and explore, Joy attended an Artista Creative intuitive abstract painting safari last fall.

By setting the muse free, Joy surprised even herself as she created stunning, emotionally charged paintings. In fact, a fellow classmate loved her piece "Inspiration" so much, she bought it—an unexpected treat during the adventure. Joy feels that women attending the class will gain much more from their experience once they surrender the subjective goal of "perfection" that so many of us cling to and instead immerse themselves in their personal creative process. On her very first day, Joy found that the Artista experience quieted the noise both in her and around her. She noticed she was able to again hear just her heart voice, her artist voice. Not invested in creating a masterpiece, nor in outcome, she was enabled to loosen up and paint in a non-judging and nurturing environment.

Session: Intuitive Abstract Paining ~ September 2008

Occupation: Counseling practice three days a week; Artist four days

More about Joy: A dramatic change in her life forced her to put her art career on hold, so Joy worked to build her successful psychotherapy practice. After much hard work and focus on her personal goals, she's now able to work three days a week leaving time to pursue her artistic passion.

In Her Own Words: Former art experience/life background?
I have a background in art, but no formal training. Self-taught, I describe myself as a colorist by nature and have always had a keen eye for color. My philosophy is that you don't have to be formally trained to be a painter, you just have to pay attention.

Your inspiration to come to Artista? My good friend Janice and I were looking to share time together to celebrate our friendship. It was Janice who discovered Artista and suggested we come on the abstract acrylic retreat. Not caring about the outcome, just getting to paint with no holds barred, had a profound affect on me and has certainly brought forward the better painter in me.

What highlights do you remember most while at Artista? Never having to clean a brush or clean up a room, and having the time to devote to nothing but painting! The whole experience really altered me. It freed me up to take more chances, and I think my work has improved greatly for it. The atmosphere of the Artista classes made me feel that there are no mistakes, just the experience. And that afforded me the opportunity to really open myself up and move forward like I never had before. Now that I don't care about the outcome, and just paint, I'm a better painter. Artista was definitely a "yes you can" experience that I would recommend to any woman willing to give herself the time to explore her own creative aesthetic.

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