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Lisa SheehanAlumnae Spotlight:  Lisa Sheehan, May 2009

After attending an Artista Creative Safari in June 2008, Lisa knew she was ready for a big change. Although her career lead her in a different direction, she decided to explore a new path of artistic expression. Here is her story.

Intuitive Abstract Painting – June 2008
Encaustic Painting – November 2008

Human Resources Director (on sabbatical to pursue her artistic passion)

More about Lisa:
Lisa spent 20 years as a Human Resources Professional which included demanding hours and extensive travel requirements. With a tremendous amount of support from her husband, family, and close friends, Lisa decided that now is the time in her life to take a sabbatical and explore what’s possible when one immerses herself in the creative process and everything in between.

In Her Own Words:
I was fortunate enough to attend Waldorf School in Southern California for 12 years. As a result, I was able to express myself creatively through watercolor painting, book illustrations, planting a garden, and working with beeswax. Expressing myself artistically has always been a part of my spirit. I went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Studios Art with an emphasis in watercolor media and drawing. Today I have a disciplined art practice and take art classes. I also network with various artwork associations, tour artists’ studios, and find places to display my work. I am currently discussing the possibility of establishing an Artists Co-Op gallery with the city where I live.

Your Inspiration to come to Artista?
I learned about Artista when I submitted a few watercolor paintings to the J. Jill Compassion T-Shirt contest. When I didn’t win the all expenses paid prize to Artista, I decided to take myself. I attended the Intuitive Abstract Session in June 2008 and became so inspired that I returned in November for the Encaustic Session. I can remember driving home from the first session crying with such joy. I had finally unleashed the creative spirit that had been suppressed for so many years and seemed to only appear in my dreams. I knew this was the beginning of something big and very exciting.

What highlights do you remember most while at Artista?
For me, it’s difficult to pinpoint specific highlights because the entire experience had such a profound impact on me. I loved my instructor, Lauryn’s approach which focused on being playful and allowing one to experiment with the various supplies and materials. I thoroughly enjoyed the other women in the class, the camaraderie and friendships that developed as a result. The atmosphere including music selection, morning mimosas and special greetings at each work place were first class. This experience has not only made me a better painter, it has taught me that dreams do come true especially when you give yourself permission to explore what’s possible.

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