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December 2007

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~ New! ~  Impresia Printmaking Safari for Women

Impresia is our introduction to monotype- a creative printmaking process yielding surprising and magical art. Owing to instant results and endless possibilities, the technique is uniquely satisfying whether you're a beginning or experienced artist.

To make the monotype print, you'll begin by painting an image on a smooth, hard substrate. Next, align special printmaking paper over the image and pass both through our large etching press. The marriage of ink, paper, and pressure produces a seductive print quite different from a typical painting or drawing. Your style may vary from hard-edged shapes to velvety, painterly abstractions- even seamless forms of collage can be produced. During the Impresia Safari, you'll create several monotype prints while experimenting with monochromatic themes or vibrant color palettes.

Our spacious, well-lit Artista Studio is equipped with a professional etching press designed for monotype printmaking. Naturally, all necessary artist's tools, materials, and refreshments are provided for you.

About your instructor:
William Harsh is a California painter, printmaker, and art instructor of nearly two decades. As a talented and experienced printmaker, Bill will inspire experimentation and creativity while sharing his wealth of knowledge and technique.

Impresia 2008 ~ Monotype Printmaking Safaris
March 17-20
June 23-26
November 17-20

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~ New! ~  Holiday Gift Painting Safari

If you wish to give those closest a special gift next year, what could be better than a work of art created by you? The Artista Creative Holiday Gift Painting Safari will guide you through the fun and satisfaction of making petite abstract paintings perfect for gift giving.

Sip hot cider and nibble on holiday treats while exploring the possibilities of color and form on canvas. We'll work with premium liquid acrylics in earthy tones to vibrant hues. Experiment with a variety of professional artist brushes and tools. The workshop focuses on exploring pure abstracts, landscapes and seascapes, and techniques ranging from smooth blending of colors to heavy texture. Each artist will leave with several finished art pieces boxed, wrapped, and ready to share.

Beyond the workshop, take advantage of this time to experience cozy Carmel-by-the-Sea and finish your last minute shopping. The quaint village offers an array of unique boutiques as well as favorites such as Sur la Table, Coach, Sharper Image, and Tiffany’s. You'll have a chance to finish all of your holiday shopping while on holiday.

About you instructor:
Lauryn Taylor is an accomplished abstract artist, gallery owner, and art instructor based in Carmel. Lauryn's teaching style is relaxing, nurturing, and free from judgment. You'll discover your own creativity, even if you've never held a paintbrush.

2008 Holiday Gift Painting Safari
December 1-4
December 8-11

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   The Artista crew- Lauryn, Judi, Chris, Bill, Jackie, Jessica, Annie, and Bev- wishing you a creative new year.

Take Advantage of the Pre-Season Safari Special
Pre-Season Special Rates

Take a $200 discount on any 2008 safari when you book by January 4, 2008.
Call 831-625-5748 or email to request a courtesy, 24-hour reservation hold for your date and hotel room.

We look forward to enjoying creative time in the studio with you,

Artista Creative Safaris for Women

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